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It’s Not Too Late to Plant Your Fall Vegetables!

September has arrived. Here, the weather seems to have remembered that we really haven’ t had summer yet, and it’s supposed to be in the 90s all week long.

Which means there’s still enough warm weather left that you should be out there planting the last round of your fall vegetables. Last call, folks!

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Installing New Landscaping, Part 2: Building the Bed

It’s probably been almost two weeks since I finished doing all the digging for the new landscaping I have been plotting and planning for the last, oh, always.

I was sore for days, and my sunburn is just now peeling a little.


That grass in those buckets? That’s a tiny fraction of what had to come out to get this sucker prepared.


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Installing New Landscaping, Part 1: Planning Your Bed

My house’s northern exposure isĀ  a barren wasteland.


Except GRRM’s Wall has more plants.

North: the land of shade, cold and damp. North, the land of the Great White Wall with No Windows, nor trees to break the evil winds. My power company loves my north wall.


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